Drilling Fluid Products

BCS has a wide variety of products including: drilling, completion, water-based and oil-based products.

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Drilling Fluid Services

We communicate with customers on an on-going basis to ensure that BCS solutions are meeting their needs. Along with standard and custom-engineered solutions, BCS has a full spectrum of drilling fluid services.

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Our Mission

Become an industry-leading provider of high quality, cost-effective drilling fluid solutions and additives. ..

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Borehole Control LLC: Leading the Way in Drilling Fluid Technology

While some drilling fluids companies simply provide drilling fluid products, Borehole Control, LLC (BCS) provides solutions.

We offer a full line of standard and proprietary drilling fluids, additives, and other related products, as well as custom-engineered technologies to solve complex drilling fluid challenges along the US Gulf Coast and in all major plays in the United States.

Our service offerings compliment our suite of products, providing customers with cost-effective drilling fluids solutions for the duration of the project.

Still, BCS is more than just a drilling fluids company or provider. We take great pride in building trusted relationships with our customers by delivering the right solution, to solve complex challenges.

So why partner with BCS?  Learn more about us:

  • Cost-Effective Solutions – Our competitive pricing helps customers keep costs under control, while still providing high quality drilling fluids.
  • Exceptional Customer Service – We do our best to separate ourselves from other drilling fluid companies with our firm belief in proactive customer service. From the time an order is placed to product application to on-site project management, BCS wants to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.
  • Solution-Oriented – From on-site analysis to off-site laboratory testing, our thoroughly trained field technicians and drilling fluids engineers work side-by-side with customers to identify potential problems before they escalate.
  • Highly Responsive – BCS stands ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help customers solve complex drilling fluid challenges anywhere in the United States.

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